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Through photography, I make the precious, fleeting moments of life abide to share with generations to come. If you’re looking for someone to find and capture the authentic joy as you say "I do" or cuddled around that tiny little newborn, you’ve found it. I hope to make your experience relaxing, enjoyable and memorable from the moment you contact me to the time you hold tangible memories in your hands. I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in McDowell County but serve the Asheville area and all throughout Western North Carolina




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I believe in tangible memories in frames and in albums so that generations later your kids and your grandkids can share in the joy of your life. I believe a beautiful photograph is all about light and connection. I care more about an honest moment showered in gorgeous light than a perfect, stiff pose on with a cool backdrop. The photograph, for me, is about you and the people you love. There's nothing more precious than that.


There is no permanent incorruptible digital file available to keep your pictures. Your children and grandchildren will not open up a book of JPEGs. They will hold in their hands and turn the pages of a leather album and enter into the magic of your wedding day. Your firstborn baby will always be preserved with their tiny fingernails and wisps of hair on a canvas in your living room. Because of the immense value of having tangible photos, I include a photo book or album in every collection. 

Wedding Collections begin at $800 and Portraiture Sessions at $100 and you can contact us for details via the handy dandy contact link you see in the top left or by clicking HERE.

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About My Collections...

"I wish I could leave you certain of the images in my mind, because they are so beautiful that I hate to think they will be extinguished when I am. Well, but again, this life has its own mortal loveliness. And memory is not strictly mortal in its nature, either. It is a strange thing after all to be able to return to a moment when it can hardly be said to have any reality at all, even in its passing. A moment is such a slight thing. I mean. That its abiding is a most gracious reprieve." 

Certain images in my mind

"I wish I could leave you

Marilynne Robinson

“It has always seemed to me. ever since early childhood, amid all the commonplaces of life, I was very near to a kingdom of ideal beauty. Between it and me hung only a thin veil. I could never draw it quite aside, but sometimes a wind fluttered it and I caught a glimpse of the enchanting realms beyond-only a glimpse-but those glimpses have always made life worthwhile.”

enchanting realms..."

I caught a glimpse of

L.M. Montgomery
-Anne of Green gables-

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